northern mocking bird  northern mocking bird - image taken at Rotary Park, Cape Coral, Florida female ruby throated hummingbird  female ruby throated hummingbird  near Willow Lake, Wisconsin pileated woodpecker  pileated woodpeciker at feeder custer, wisconsin osprey taking off  Captured this osprey as it was taking off from the surface of the water.  Location was Bokeelia, Florida at the northern tip of Pine Island.
Male Malard  Male Mallard at Whiting Dam, Whiting Wisconsin.  For the end of March the day was cold at 16F and he along with several other ducks where huddled close to the shore absorbing the suns rays.  The water coming through the dam kept the water open.  Hand held at 810mm 35mm equivalent.  Processed in DxO Pro 10 and Adobe LR 5. black-capped chickadee  Black-capped chickadee in backyard, Custer, Wisconsin.  He/she was visiting a nearby feeder taking sunflower seeds.  This  March day was chilly (25F) and so he/she was a little puffed out. brown pelican  Preening time.  Located at Bokeelia Marina, Bokeelia, Florida immature double-crested cormorant  This comorant was fishing at the marina in Bokeelia, Florida
ringed-bill gull  ringed-bill gull standing on a dock - Bokeelia, Florida great egret  "here's looking at you kid"  This great egret has his neck tucked against his body waiting for a fishing opportunity.  Bokeelia, Florida American white pelican  one of the largest North American birds it has a wingspan of 8 to 9.5 feet.  Photo taken at Bokeelia, Florida at the northern tip of Pine Island